2020-08-31 15:39 #0 by: Evelina

Some tips:

Don't follow trends too closely. 

Invest in good quality pieces for the future. 

No logos or wear heavily branded pieces. 

Invest in neutral tones in purses. Tan, black, navy, or gray. 

Blazers help you nail the Parisian style. Pair with classic jeans. Dress up or down.

Buy at least one quality blazer, rather than poor quality. 

Don't wear too much jewellery. 

Find balance in your outfits. 

Get at least one striped top. 

Ballet flats and loafers are a must. 

Find the perfect t-shirt (quality and fit) and buy it in every color. 

Find denim that works for your body shape is good. Jeggings are a no-no.

Ignore denim trends. 

Simple is often best. 

Trench coats are great classics. 

Strappy heels with low heel that are comfortable is really important. 

Leather jacket is another classic. 

Quality over quantity.